Our Services

Sage offers strategic and skilled counsel specifically tailored to meet you and your company’s needs. Our proven methodologies will ensure your organization achieves results through enhanced leadership skills, engaged employees, and efficient business practices.

Creating a Confident Future

A sound business plan is one of the most important aspects of a business.

  • Are your organization’s goals, objectives, and priorities clearly understood?
  • What demographic or economic trends will impact your bottom line?
  • Which corporate policies need to change to ensure long-term stability
  • How much capital will you need to continue growing?

Let us help you develop critical thinking techniques to answer each of these questions and to ensure you are confident in the future success of your business. Our experience building strategic plans, growing business development, taking action, and generating results will guarantee a viable enterprise.

Developing Remarkable Leaders

Our team knows that there is a widespread desire – across the globe – for leaders who are truly remarkable and authentic. A winning formula for success includes leaders who get results by engaging employees and increasing productivity. Let us help you cultivate and grow your organization’s leaders with techniques that enable your team to operate most effectively. Each of our learning programs includes an in-depth leadership assessment and an action plan for continuous improvement.

Board Growth

Board members are vital to the success of any organization. Do your board members have the skill sets, experience, and network to help lead your organization? Are you fully utilizing your board members? Let us help you identify, recruit, and orient high-impact board candidates who match your organizations goals and objectives.

Leadership Competencies

We are partner providers of the ThinkWise suite of talent development tools. ThinkWise is a software service of integrated resources for leadership development based on proven competencies. Web-enabled surveys, assessments, and more make hiring, selection, and learning processes both simple and powerful. Ask us for a demonstration, and learn more at www.ThinkWiseinc.com.

Lean Practices in Every Organization

Our team believes organizations of all types have the capacity to improve their bottom line using lean business practices. Using a proven assessment and implementation process developed by our team, we:

  1. Identify waste-eliminating opportunities,
  2. Implement lean initiative controls and structured problem solving tools,
  3. Evaluate results and determine savings, and
  4. Encourage cultural change within your organization.

The lean cycle we build together can be used again and again when techniques are carried into other areas of an operation to build additional savings.

Request a demonstration from our Savings Calculator,
customized to your current business metrics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Distribution operations
  • Service industries and retail stores
  • Healthcare, churches, and other non-profits

Lean Improvement Framework

This framework is a systematic and straightforward approach to lean practices, based on successful implementations worldwide. It can be applied to a variety of business issues, including improved delivery performance, reduced inventory, improved profitability, and improved product or service quality.

Each lean implementation is specifically tailored to an organization’s situation.

Learn more about our framework.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders

The only way to effectively navigate the loss of leadership – whether planned or unplanned – is through a strong succession plan that identifies and cultivates the next generation of leaders through education and training. Succession planning should be a purposeful initiative that focuses on developing critical leadership talent. The best companies use a structured process to accomplish this, and recognize a significant competitive advantage by retaining talent and generating a pipeline of capable leaders.

Family business planning is often a specific component of organizational transition, and family dynamics create unique needs. Anticipating future issues is the best way to avoid future problems. Let us help you improve future decisions by insuring that policy formation is informed and objective…before you need it. Our team works with you to develop robust succession plans that align current talent with future leadership needs to ensure sustained continuity and performance of a business.

Cultivating Your Most Valuable Resource

Coaching accelerates performance and contentment within executives interested in personal and professional growth. Many individuals – who are held personally accountable for meeting stated goals – experience enhanced decision-making skills, improved interpersonal effectiveness, superior performance management, and increased confidence as a result of executive coaching. Our team believes an investment in coaching is far less costly than substandard business performance and will result in enhanced skills and abilities to reach stated goals and objectives.

Sage offers a variety of educational programs specifically designed to fit your leadership development challenges and opportunities. Below is a partial list of workshop opportunities that can be customized to fit your needs:

  • Discover critical thinking techniques that will unlock the current potential and secure the future of your organization.
  • Establish or reinforce the essential skills required to be an effective people leader.
  • Master timeless principles required to evolve from people manager to enterprise leader.
  • Learn practical approaches for operating your business more effectively.
  • Enable leaders to build individual learning plans with an in-depth critique of performance.